Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Too Late I didn't have a choice. The same day Lisa and I had our friends counsel with us we had a fall-out. I found out that she had, prior to coming to my house, called my husband and told him that I was bringing my friends over so they can talk to the two of us. I didn't understand why it was her place to tell him. I was soooooo angry that she had called him that I went off on her on the phone and kicked him out of the house. Later he and I made up, but I decided then and there that my focus had to be my husband so I wouldn't lose him. I had to show him that our marriage was worth saving and that if he married my friend he would certainly destroy it. Alhamdulillah I started to see him responding to my changes and our relationship started to improve. "This was easy, " I thought. Then a few days later my husband worked all night one night and came home with a rose for me. A ROSE!!!!! WOW!!! What I am doing must really be working because he is being soooooo sweet.....right???? WRONG. Guess again!!!

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