Saturday, December 31, 2011

My update :)

As salamu alikum.....I know it has been toooooooo long since I last posted. I apologize for not responding or writing, but I have just been through so much. I will say that I have been divorced a year now and alhamdulillah I am happy. I am taking care of my 6 girls and we are all doing well masha Allah. The girls are growing and each age has it's challenges, but alhamdulillah we are much better than before. You were all witnesses through my writing of the emotional rollercoaster I was living. I had it! I was done. Best decision I made. I did face many challenges though and so much fitnah, but alhamdulillah day by day my iman is continuing to increase and I am coming a long. That black spot on my heart was growing larger and larger, but when I recognized it I began to treat it. I am in the process of looking to get married, but I am traumatized. I no longer need or want the same things that I once felt I needed or wanted. You can say I am a pessemist. I no longer have faith in the opposite sex, but I do have faith in Allah that He will be the one to bring into my life the man who will fear Allah in all of us. This is a short update until I can gather my thoughts and write what went down. Thank you and Jazzakum Allah khair to all of those who gave me advice.....asked me for advice....and followed me with love and support as I shared my feelings. I love you all for the sake of Allah :) p.s. for the sisters who would like to contact me plz send me your email addresses through the comments and I will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible insha Allah.