Monday, June 25, 2012

New chapter

As salamu alikum..... I really want to say thank you and Jazakum Allah khair for all the love and support of everyone who has read my blog. The latest update walhamdulillah is that I recently got married. Masha Allah he is a wonderful man and he accepts me and my children. May Allah reward him. Allah gave me exactly what I asked for alhamdulillah. The reason I am writing this entry is to let you all know that insha Allah I plan to write a new blog about the new chapter in my life. Insha Allah the girls and I are planning to make a big move all the way across the country and my ex husband is trying to fight me to take custody of his four girls. I have decided that it is best for them to stay with me because I have issues with how he will raise my kids. I also have issues with Lisa raising my kids. There are a lot of issues that are presenting themselves and I decided to write my way through it. I mean that's what my blog is mainly for.....Self therapy. If I can help others along the way then Alhamdulillah. Insha Allah I will update u soon.