Wednesday, August 09, 2006

December 26, 2005 : The worst day of my life. After my husband brought me the rose he went to sleep because he was exhausted from working all night ( so I thought). When he woke up from his sleep I prepared him breakfast and we sat together reading an e-mail I wrote him that night about how much I love and trust him and so on...blah..blah...blah... and before he left to work I asked him where I could meet him later so I can bring him lunch. Right after he took off I left the dishes I was washing and decided to call Lisa to apologize to her for the other day when I yelled at her. I started to feel guilty and I missed her. I wished that we hadn't ended things on bad terms. I was afraid that her eman would weaken as a result of our discord. I was her closest Muslim friend. I decided that I would call her and that's exactly what I did. Two minutes after my husband left I dialed her number and got her friend's answering machine. On the message I told her that I was just thinking about her and wanted to see how she was doing and for her to call me back when she got the message. Not even a minute passed when the phone rang. I thought it was her, but it wasn' was my husband. "What are you doing?" he said. That was an odd question to me considering he had just left the house five minutes prior to the phone call. I responded, "still doing the dishes. Why?" Then one of the kids screamed and normally he would go off, but this time he didn't. The stranger he acted the faster my heart beat in my chest. He asked me if I could go into my room so he could talk to me. Already I sensed that he was in contact with her because of how fast he called me after my phone call to her. I went into my room and asked him what was up. At this point I am feeling a bit weak with anticipation and then he says, "I want to tell you something, but please don't overreact......" I heard that and the screaming and crying started. I couldn't catch my breath and all I could get myself to say was "WHAT DID YOU DO? OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO????" My heart wanted to burst and then I cried, "You married her didn't you?" All I heard was "Yes and it was before she came to talk to you." I was in utter shock! Shock isn't even the word to describe what I felt. I couldn't breath and I felt sooooo betrayed and humiliated. ALL LIES!!!! ALL LIES!!!


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Don't take shit from a man. seriously!