Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I wanted to leave! I hated him that day, but I didn't leave. I wanted revenge and I wanted justice and I wanted soooooooo badly to hurt the two of them as bad as they hurt me. One vivid memory of that day was the moment he saw me at his friend's gas station an hour or so after he told me the devastating news. He came to my van smiling and when I went crazy on him all he could say was, "I didn't sleep with her in haram?" Oh my God they slept together???? That hadn't even entered into my mind yet. Yeah of course they did because by this time they had been married a little over a month. "YOU ASSHOLE", I thought or maybe even said. I wanted to hit him in the face so bad, but I didn't. My friend was meeting me at the gas station to take me to her house and calm me down. I went to vent and to think. I wanted to leave, but leaving would only make it easy on them so I decided to stay for the mere fact of adding a financial burden on them. Now he would have to pay for the two of us.....GOOD LUCK!! He wants two wives, so let him pay for two wives. I didn't make these kids by myself and I damn sure wasn't about to destroy my life and the life of my children so that they can live happily ever after. But now the war is on!

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Natasha said...

oh my god. I just started reading your blog... started from the beginning.. this post just made me cry. wow I don't even know what to say..