Friday, August 04, 2006

Every marriage has it's problems, but I would say my marriage was reasonable. Yes, I've had my share of issues, arguments, and misunderstandings, but what marriage doesn't? I believe that all the problems my husband and I had in our marriage were normal. Let's see what his major complaints about me were....

1. I do not baby him enough (what a baby!!!!)
2. I don't cook ( fixed....he taught me how)
3. I do not iron (sue me! I don't like it, but I'll do it if he asks)
4. Not enough intecourse (is the average of 4 times a week or more too little when you are nine months preggo and have three other youngins?)
5. He doesn't like the tone I argue in....says I get an attitude and I get loud (don't all people when they are mad?)
6. I do not have my kids on a schedule when it comes to eating and I feed them junk (I admit I have to fix that)

That's basically it.....Are those things that detrimental to a marriage? I don't think so. I didn't ignore his complaints and I worked to change, but I guess I didn't work fast enough.

I have my own complaints about him, but I will not expose his sins. Overall though I love my husband and I love sharing my life with him and ultimatly the only things I wanted was for him to tone his temper and to give us more quality time. I am not one who wants material things from a marriage....I want a marriage. I want a companion and a father to my children.

I have two daughters from a previous marriage and two daughters from my husband and he has two sons from a previous marriage and our two daughters. He is a good father in some aspects and not in others, but he's got excellent potentional. He fears Allah (alhamdulillah) and he knows how to treat his wife. He has always been good to me and always fulfilled my rights in Islam and more and I owe him a lot of respect. I know he loves me and my family and alhamdulillah we have a bond that no one can break.

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siSoi said...

hmm about u blogging about how much sex u n ur hubby have...

The Prophet (saw) said: among the worst type of people in the sight of allah in the day of judgement is a man who enjoys his wife's intimate company, and she enjoys his intimate company, then one of them goes and discloses the secret of the other [Muslim]