Friday, August 04, 2006

August 24, 2005, The day my life changed. My husband came home from work and we were talking about his day (as we usually did)when he asked me to guess what had happened that day. So I asked him, "What?" He said that his friend had left lisa. I was shocked. I had just talked to her a few days before and she told me that everything was fine and she didn't know why her husband would tell my husband that anything was wrong. Shortly after he told me what happened, the phone rang. He ignored the call so I asked him who it was. He said it was Lisa, but he didn't want to pick up the phone because her husband had lied to her and told her in a goodbye letter saying that he is leaving town and told my husband not to tell her where he was. My husband knew where he was and was afraid she would ask and he wouldn't be able to lie to her. I told him that it was really mean of him and that he needed to call her back.

She called and called and he wouldn't answer the phone. With some pushing I finally convinced him to call her. She was hysterical. She was crying so much he couldn't understand her and didn't know what to do. Her husband had left her while she was at work. He packed every item he owned in her house, left her a note and moved out. To make matters worse she had no idea he was going to leave. Their daily routine was the same. They made their plans for later and he even called her to tell her he loves her at work. She didn't suspect a thing, but was distraught as she discovered all of his belongings missing after she returned home from work.

My husband calmed her down and reassured her that her husband did not leave town as he told her in the letter and he would see what is going on. He told her that I will come and see her and make sure she is okay and if she needed any help we would be there. Don't forget he is her wali and that's what they do. I went to her and she was in tears lying in bed sick in the dark. She looked horrible and depressed and her son was alone in the living room not knowing what to do or to say to help her. We spoke and she showed me the letter and we decided that she should come and stay with me in my apartment until she felt better. I didn't want to leave her and her son after seeing her in her condition. We knew from her ex-husband that she has had suicidal attempts. She came home with me and we talked and talked and talked.

This was the best chance for me to make da3wa to her. I used this opportunity while she was weak to help her implement Islam. We tried to reconcile with her ex-husband, but it was to of no avail. He went from following her like a love-sick puppy to "not loving her as a wife" as he so eloquently put it. ....sigh....He had his reasons for leaving, but the way he left was unacceptable. It was really hard for her to understand, but it was the qadr of Allah.

As time passed she started to heal and our friendship developed into a strong bond. We were always together. I was 9 months pregnant with my 4th daughter and was moving to a house and she helped me out a lot. I enjoyed her company and talked to her about Islam whenever I could. She started wearing the hijab and her eman was strengthened alhamdulillah. She was beautiful and I truly loved her for the sake of Allah.

We were always together. It hurt her too much to go back to her old apartment because it reminded her of him so she stayed with me and came with me to our new house. It was nice having her around. we moved her belongings to storage and got her out of her lease. During this time she decided to stop going to work. First it was because she was depressed and later because she didn't want to work in a place where she would be involved with riba. She worked for a mortgage company, but never returned to it since the day he left her.

By the help of Allah through my husband, her affairs were handled. The sadaqa's were flowing for her....masha Allah. My husband helped by getting her storage, fixing her car, trying to get her a job, and seeing if people could finacially offer her help. And alhamdulillah she was taken care of.

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