Friday, January 06, 2012

Show support :)

As salamu alikum Ladies....I would like to share a link that a special friend sent me and would like to share her story. Please go there and show your support!

Love you all for the sake of Allah :)


Anonymous said...

DEar sister i have all of your story been reading scince Fazr, can you pls only tell us without going into too much details that what went wrong, i was so schocked to read that you divorced and then Lisa divorced him too.

sister i am in the same position as u were, i am already deperessed that my husband doesn't give me time and on top of that he wants another wife.

just feel so sad that u can do everything for your husband and at the end of the day he takes another wife and what worse he Loves HER more then he loves you.

If you can pls give more details inshaAllah your story will be an eye operner to my husband.

Sonja said...

May I contact you with a personal question about polygyny?

Anonymous said...

Dear Vena,

I am very sorry and proud to have read your story. You should write a book. It will inspire many women. Out of curiosity, this Lisa you write about, is it her? In this blog?
Also their is a write up here: Lisa is PM- peacefulmuslimah. You can also see comments from her here and PM is referred to as Lisa read the comments here:

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum Vena,

How are you sis, I hope ur well & happy :-)

I really want to know what lead to your divorce because you seemed to finally accept being in apolygamyy & you were very much in love with your husband. Please come back to the blog & let us benefit from your experiences.

I'm sure the decision you made was the right decision you're a really nice lady & you deserve all the best in this world & the here after. I'll inshaA remember you in my dua & you please remember me.

Your sister in Islam.