Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I got an idea from the comment Yosra left me advising me to make 2008 a great year. I thought to myself what a great idea that was. Why don't I resolve to make 2008 a great year? I will list some things I resolve to do or not to do and you guys also give me some ideas of some things I should resolve to do or not to do. Insha Allah if Allah gives me life until the next year being 2009 then maybe we can see which ones I actually stuck to and which ones I didn't.

Here is some things I resolve to do or not to do......

1. I resolve to NOT look through my husbands text messages.....YIKES!!!! Don't want to see that again!!!! Insha Allah.

2. I resolve to NOT ask for a divorce unless it is absolutely necessary. Insha Allah.

3. I resolve to put my family as a priority over all other people and matters. Husband and Kids come first before all others. Insha Allah.

4. I resolve to memorize at LEAST two Juz's from the Quran this year. Insha Allah. I know that is nothing, but hey if I aim low I can always go more.

5. I resolve to go back to praying my sunnah prayers as I once did. Insha Allah.

6. I resolve to listen to at least two lectures a week and read at least one Islamic book a month insha Allah.

7. I resolve to give my kids the one on one attention that they each need. Insha Allah.

8. I resolve to learn how to sew by taking a sewing class. insha Allah. I need a hobby to keep me busy; don't you think?

9. I resolve to show my husband I love him by doing something special for him (even if it is as small as saying "I love you") each day. Insha Allah. But let's be realistic if we are fighting and it's his fault than he can forget it. ; ) lol!

10. I resolve to listen to yosra's advice and make 2008 a great year insha Allah.

If you have any ideas for me then please share.


UmmAbdurRahman said...

My advice for you for 2008 is this:

I often steer clear of telling sisters in polygny to leave their husband unless they feel that they can make it. I don't know you personally so of course I cannot make a judgement. I think, allahu alim, that the best thing for you and your children is to stay married. Having said that I don't condone your husband's behavior. While he may be fair(according to you in previous posts) and he holds down both houses financially, I think he is lacking in the role of father and the children are suffering becaue of it.

Phew...what was I saying again? Okay I got it. So, for 2008, I think you need to learn to accept your husband and your situation as it is. The only way you will get along is if you accept it and try to live your life the best you can. If you cannot accept it and you feel you have a plan then move on, but only if you are absolutely positive.

I like all of your ideas for living in 2008. I pray that Allah gives you strength and blesses you with a peaceful year. Ameen

Organic-Muslimah said...

Awesome. How about the hair? You always like to change your hair color.

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah. You seem more content. I see it in your writing style

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Sweet Sis,

So funny for me to see my name in print! I gave a start!

But, alhumdulillah that my words pushed you to write that list. Nice list! It's got concrete ways to achieve better than last year. You know, we aren't ever going to be perfect, but we can always be better :)

I wish you all the best now and always!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

aslamu alakum vena
i have been reading your blog for about 1 year , i just love your list of resloves mashaAllah , may allah bless you with the piety and ability to do them ameen. Love for the sake of allah sister, you are doing great , keep it up!