Thursday, November 09, 2006

Alhamdulillah one down and one to go. The oldest of the two boys was enrolled in school today and the younger one is being enrolled tomorrow insha Allah. The same day my husband and I had argued about him possibly having another child in the future I forgot to mention something else that took place. My husband gave his ex and ultimatum...." Put the kids in school by Wed. or I will come get them, enroll them in school, and either call CPS or hold child support payments." I know it was harsh, but he didn't know what else to do.

Anyways alhamdulillah it worked and he wasn't playing either. I think his eyes finally opened that day. Many members of the family and friends were starting to question why they were still out of school so the pressure was on from all sides.

I know my husband has good intentions, but it's hard for him to follow through sometimes with his work being so demanding. He is no longer self-employed so that has an impact on his ability to come and go as he wishes. I don't think he fully realized how far this may have gone until he saw the stalling.

Alhamdulillah the first steps were taken. Next step is to do something about the girls. Now this is a greater challenge, but insha Allah it will be done. Please pray for the well-being of these kids. Please don't get me wrong.....their parents love them dearly, but sometimes decisions we make for our kids may not actually be in their best interest. I do have to clarify though that as far as my step-kids Islamic knowledge my husband is the one who put the time and the effort into that. He is very strict about their prayers and learning the Quran and he teaches them a lot about the deen masha Allah, but his only problem was having someone there to help them follow up. He can't be with them all the time....they don't live with him so he is limited as to what he can do. My husband cannot enforce rules in her house unless she is willing to comply.

I believe he would have taken the boys to live with him, but he does not want to seperate them from their sisters who are very close to them. This would break their heart. He doesn't mind taking them all, but the chances are slim that they would leave their mom. They could not leave her alone. Maybe when her husband comes from overseas that will be a different story because they do not get along with him (supposedly), but our door is always open and they are more than welcome.


Anonymous said...


That is good news. JAK for speaking your mind to him about that issue. While you are not responsible for them, you still can give advice, as you did.

mizazeez said...

ukhti, i sent you an invite to join the book club. i think i have the correct email address for you. please leave me a comment on my blog with your email addy or email me directly with it if you have not received the invite. if you have received the invite, please accept it. i have posted the first reading earlier today.

wassalaamu 'alayki wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh